How to: Get a clear glowing skin

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Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

Hello Beauties!!!!!

I hope you had blast this weekend!!!!!! I enjoyed  my weekend in my warm & cozy blanket and was saving my energy as its pretty cold in my city with dense fog outside.

Well as winters are up in North India I am today going to share few home remedies to help you attain a clear, glowing and healthy skin. We spend a lots of money  make up products but forget the basics. So today I am gonna list few things which we neglect while talking about our skin care routine.

  • Water Intake:

Water is a magical and free of cost substance which helps in enhancing your beauty naturally, you must know that water is something which is very effective in getting clear skin & healthy body. Drink 6-8 liter water every day as it help in flushing toxics from our body.



  • Cut down your salt & sugar intake:

Salt & sugar may add taste to your tongue but it has a bad effect on your body and skin. So have a look on your s& s intake. Soda drinks just not only make you fat but also age your skin. So Check how much sugar/ salt your are adding in your daily diet.

Sugar & Salt

Sugar & Salt

  • Dark chocolate is all you need:

We have always heard that chocolate is bad for our body,teeth & skin but you’ll glad to know(even I was jumping with joy as I am a die-heart chocolate lover) that it helps your skin nice and bring healthy glow to your skin. So eat dark chocolate but in limit.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

  • Honey is all you need: When it comes to hydrating the skin, honey makes an excellent substitute for sugar. It’s extremely soothing and has natural antibacterial properties which are excellent for your skin. It keeps blackheads at bay, and gets rid of dead skin cells. Try including it in your diet directly.



  • Lemon – as they’re a great source of Vitamin C and help your body flush out the toxins. Salads with a dash of lemon juice are easy ways to include them in your diet.



  • Eat in portions: Eggs not only make a yummy meal, but they’re also equally yummy for your face. It has nourishing, protein and toning contents which are responsible for giving your complexion a radiant glow, keeping your skin firm and diminishing the appearance of large pores.



  • CTM is the rule:

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing is a essential part in our  regime. Skin need cleansing, toning and moisturizing so make it your habit to including in our day to day life.



  •  Clean up your make up tools :

Washing your makeup brushes is an important deed as important as washing your face. You may be wondering why your skin is breaking out without realizing that your brushes are the culprits. Get some shampoo and hot water & wash out your brushes. Let them dry out completely and use them the next day. Do this practice regularly.

Clean the brushes regularly

Clean the brushes regularly

  •  Don’t smoke/drink :

Not only will it have devastating effects on your health, but it also causes your skin to dullness. Smoking has a negative impact on the skin, including bags under the eyes, premature aging, a loss of natural glow. So quit it as soon as possible.No-Smoking-No-Drinking-No-Drugs

  •  Sweat it out:

Exercising not only keeps you fit but also benefits your skin. Sweating it out increases blood flow, revs up the production of collagen, deters sagging and boosts radiant skin.20120712144551-exercising-adventists

  •  Beauty sleep is a necessity:

Sleeping very very essential in achieving clear, flawless skin. Sleep is a wonderful thing because it makes a huge difference to your beauty and mood, yet happens all by itself while you are dreaming.So at least sleep for 7-8 hours.


Thank you for reading

Good bye, Take Care & enjoy your weekend

Lots of Love…




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