How to: Wear bright red Lips

Hi Lovely people out der!!!!!!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my readers and all the people in this world. This day is all about enjoying, praying, loving and being loved from the people in our lives who care for us and love us unconditionally. I thoroughly enjoyed this day with my family and then with my Best Friend who is just a best gift of my Life given god to me. It’s a famous saying “Success is nothing if you don’t have best friend to celebrate it with…..”( Hey!! Meenakshi if you are reading this I just want to tell you that I just love you and never wanna loose you. You are my sunshine, my support, my hope and what not :D).We went to church in the morning, then were roaming like hell on countryside, and then we decided to watch the latest hit flick P.K. And we just loved it. Anyhoo!!! Enough of my story let just jump into the post.



Today as it’s a festive day so I ll keep this post short and simple . I am going share a make-up look with you guys which is quite famous these days its bold red Lips and subtle eye make-up which will make you look awesome during Christmas and New Year Celebration Parties. The bright, bold red lips has an obsession of mine for a while. So here I am with few simple, key tips you should keep in mind while trying out for this look.


First of all if you want to have matte, bright lip color to show up properly you should keep in mind that there should be no flaky lips so for flawless lips apply a color less lip balm to nourish your lips. Now make sure you use a brush or a pencil to play it up correctly with the plumpness of your lips.

Over-all Make Up

If you are keeping your lips bold, then make sure your eyes and cheek make-up should be soft and subtle as your major focus will be on lips. Balance it all with a natural eye make-up, be generous with your cheeks. Just apply a hint of light pink blush. Don’t mess your look with over-doing your eyes or cheeks.

Celebs look-book

Even Bollywood & Hollywood love to flaunt this look. Here is the images of the celebs caught & captured in this look.






Special mention to former Miss World Aishwarya Rai and now Bachchan who rocked the look teamed up with a gorgeous golden fishtail gown in Cannes Film Festival this year.




Use a primer or a cream moisturizer to make sure the application process is simple and make it last for a longer time.


My Recommendation

High End – Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo, Price- 1,100 INR approx.

This is great lipcolor every girl must have dreamt of (me too :D), it has an amazing amazing color, texture and is stay on lips for a long time period.



Drugstore Brand- Street Wear Lip Color in Riveting Rouge, Price – 180 INR

Now this is an affordable lipstick with a great color pay-off and stay on lips for a decent duration.



I hope you guys find this post helpful & interesting at the same time.Share your thoughts on this post with me via a comment down below.I need your support to do theses kind of posts as it take lots of effort to create it and I would love if you guys appreciate it.

Thank you for reading……..

Merry Christmas once again………………


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