Guest Post : Lotus Herbals White Glow Day and Night Pack

Guest Post : By Apoorva Pant of That Weird Girl Official

Hello my lovelies!
I really love Krruti’s blog and if there was anything, I wanted to
guest post. I think she is an amazingly talented girl, a wonderful
friend and a great blogger. I am glad to write on her blog and I hope
you like what you read!
Alright, so somewhere on 20th October I bought the Lotus Herbals White
Glow Day and Night pack that comes with a day cream, a night pack and
a facial foam wash. My boss recommended the night cream to me saying
it did wonders to his skin, and there was no kidding because it was
showing. I was so motivated that I went to the store a day after and
bought a whole pack (note: it is on a special offer so maybe you want
to buy it before they sold old). My fingers were itching to write this
post just a day after but I refrained myself from doing so and said
that I would use this product for at least 10 days before jumping onto
a conclusion. So…let’s us!



I going to first talk about the packaging. It was beautifully done and
the creams were orderly placed in an impressive packing. It was very
handy and light-weight and you can easily carry it. Also, it comes
wrapped in a thin plastic sheet and I could not help but think what a
wonderful gift it would make. Both these bottles come in a cute silver
tub like small bottles and the foam face wash comes in your regular
plastic tube with a silver flip cap to match with them theme of the
bottles. This is actually a pretty combination and is now gracing my
makeup box.



I have already told you that it contains two creams and a foam wash. I
will talk about the night cream first because it is my
favorite and the first product I used (I bought this pack in the
evening). The night cream is a miracle in its own little way and the
number one reason why it is what I will pick over my brother (sorry
Ayush!) is that it makes my skin a. soft and b. bouncy. It is very
light weight and non greasy. It moisturizes the skin really well.
However, I did not feel my skin tone getting any lighter (but I hadn’t
bought it as a fairness enhancer anyway), so all those who though it
would make your tone light, sorry but it would not. It would not
lighten any marks as well; in simple words it is the best night cream
that hydrates and softens your skin. Also, I used to have a ton of
tiny blackheads on my nose, however, now two days after using this I
can bet you wouldn’t be able to spot any (unless you are using a
magnifying glass…or looking way too closely). It comes in a 60g
bottle and would last longer than a month. It would individually cost
you 375 INR.



The next is the day cream that comes in this day and night pack. This
is a gel based cream that smoothly glides and is easily absorbed by
the skin. It is a very light cream that would not lead to any breakout
(I swear, take my word). So me, being such an oily skin myself use
this and am smiling with a happy face. It is perfect to put on before
going to the office or college; it has an amazing, mild aroma to it
that is the specialty of Lotus Herbals. Now every teenage girl out
there who thought creams were not her thing, hey, this is for you!
What is more to it is that it comes with SPF 25 and is for all skin
type. It makes skin soft and subtle and you will instantly feel it.
When you put this, your pores would not feel clogged nor will your
face feel heavy or like you have put on a cream at all. Do not think
that it would radiate or make your skin glow because it would not.
This is however is a must have and is better than using cold creams in
winters that make the skin excessively oily. This also comes in 60g
bottle and would individually cost you 325 INR.

The last product is the facial foam wash. This is too good to come
that cheap and was a treat in this pack. It comes with a strong flip
cap so you do not have to worry if it will leak out and stain your
pouch (most of the facewashes do). It is a little runny though so do
not squeeze this using force. It lathers well and I advice using it
with cold to lukewarm water. It instantly brightens the skin after
using it and does not leave your skin dry. As claimed, it deep cleans
your face without turning your skin dry (like I said before) or
stretchy. This, like the creams, has a beautiful aroma that I
absolutely love. It is also very light on the pocket costing 120 INR
for 50g which is the standard (only!) size that this foam wash is
available in and comes in a nice, travel friendly package. It says on
the pack that it reduces melanin production which is the prime reason
of pigmentation however it is only half true. This is mild on skin so
if you had light pigmentation, this would work.

Overall, this is a good foam wash.

These these products are my favorites and I will definitely buy them
again once it runs out. I hope you enjoyed this post.

These three are the best products, especially for teens (I am talking
about 17+ girls)
The foam wash gives you instant brightening and does not make skin
stretchy. In fact, softens skin
Both the creams are 60g so it would last more than a month (single user)
The products together are very cost effective
All the three products have a beautiful, mild aroma
The day and night creams are not at all travel friendly, in fact they
are very heavy
The flip cap of the foam face wash is too tight and you have to open
it carefully. Also, do not squeeze it too hard otherwise it will
squirt all over your hands (And it is heart wrenching)
They contain parabens
These these products are my favorites and I will definitely buy them
again once it runs out. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks again to
Krruti for inviting me to guest post, this is an honor! 🙂

Cheers xx

note: I have an oily skin and so I have reviewed this product
accordingly. I do not guarantee that this product would work on you if
you have normal to dry skin (though it hopefully might).


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