My recent ‘Colorbar’ Store visit

Hi lovely people out der!!!!

Hope all will be rocking….Recently I went to the mall in my city with one of my blogger friend Apoorva  from That Weird Girl Next Door where we both had lots of fun. We did loads of shopping and had a blast. We went to Colorbar store where I meet the SA Neha, She was so nice & genuine. She helped me allot & informed about every single detial which I asked for with a smile. (Hey!!! Neha if you are reading this ‘A biggy thanks to u gal ‘). I’ll share my haul with Colorbar in next post. Till then enjoy my visit pics @ Colorbar. (Caution: Picture heavy post 🙂 )

Today I am going to share my colorbar store visit pics. So enjoy the pics and comment what you like most about my trip.




Nail Polish Collection


Skin Care By Colorbar



Lip Gloss


New Nail Paint range


My lovely frd trying new ‘Nail Art’


Blushes by Colorbar


Lip glosses


The sweetest SA I have every met

Thank you for reading!!!!

Good bye, Take Care & enjoy your weekend

Love you a lot… 


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Disclaimer- 1.These are my honest views after using the product/services, I am not getting paid to write it.
2. Pictures used in the post cannot be used by anyone anywhere without my permission

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