How to : Create different looks with eye liner

Hello Lovely people!!!!

I am back with  a new tutorial which will help you in creating new looks with the help of eye liner. You can use gel, liquid or pen eye liners  as per your liking. I prefer liquid eye liners as they are more convenient to use (at least for me). I find this amazing trick while surfing and I wanted to share it with you guys.I loved 7th trick the most as it is quite trendy & dramatic. Which one is your favorite????

Tip- If you are new to eyeliner or have shaky hands start with pen eyeliners like Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner as they are easy to use and there is less chance of spreading on your lids like the liquid or gel ones.


Eye liner looks

Thank you for Reading, I hope you liked  it….

  Goodbye & Take Care!!!   


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Disclaimer-  The image used in the post is taken from a online website.

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