D-I-Y- Make your own lip scrub


Lips are one of the most important & sensitive areas of our face. Their smoothness is very noticeable, so lip care needs to incorporated in every girl’s routine which is damn important to look beautiful & to feel beautiful. Today I have come up with a gentle scrub which you can make at home in few minutes and get smoother, soft, beautiful lips.Things required are:

1)  One tablespoon of honey,

2) One tablespoon sugar,

3) One teaspoon of Vaseline,

4) a bowl and a spoon to mix it.





After making apply the mixtures,scrub on your lips gently. Leave it for 10-15 seconds.

Apply a lipbalm afterwards and your lips will easily absorb the moisturizer because of the exfoliating procedure and will make your lips soft & supple.


Thank you for Reading, I hope you liked  it….

  Goodbye & Take Care!!!  

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Disclaimer-  The image used in the post is taken from a online website & is not own by me.

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