Make-Up essentials + Make- Up routine #1

Hey Dolls!!!!

Hope you all must be super good like me.. 😉 So today I am going to share my make-up routine which I follow. I was planning to do this kind of post since long time but things didn’t got executed. I have always liked reading these kind of post on other blogs and thought to showcase my daily make-up routine with you guys… I will be doing a skin care routine post after this post  in a while. Do tell me if you are interested in knowing my skin care routine.

Now coming to the post I am today going to sharing my daily makeup routine with you guys. I don’t like using much of makeup on every day basis. I prefer going with a no- make-up look. So here is what I use for my every day make-up.


Products Required Daily (Sneak Peek)












1. For Face

A) Johnson & Johnson’s baby cream– I use this particular cream as moisturizer for a base as it not too oily nor to thick. It helps making my skin smooth and clean.

B) Lakme CC Cream– I don’t use foundations as on daily basis as I don’t think that my skin needs extra coverage. I use Lakme CC cream daily and I love it a load. It is non-greasy and makes my skin flawless and adds a shine(in a good way) which I love very much.

C) Pond’s BB cream– I don’t have much scars or spots on my skin (lucky me 😉 ) so I don’t feel like using concealer but do have some minuet spots which i hide by using Pond’s BB cream. I use this particular cream on the spot which needs to be concealed as the consistency of the cream is quite thick so its best to be used as concealer on me.

D) Maybelline Compact (Nude beige) – Last but not least I use this compact to finish my look. Its really wearable and does’t look OTT. I use it every single day and even carry it with me in my handbag for touch ups.


For Face














2) For Checks 

Maybelline Cheeky Glow blush – I used it to give as it gives a natural blushed look. I generally use Peachy Sweetie daily which I love very much with Panache Blush Brush to apply it and blend it well.


For Cheeks













3)  For Eyes

1) Lakme Insta Liner– I am using this brand liner since I was in my high school and still I am using it till date. As I have not found any liner who can fought the battle of being quality & affordable liner. I use it on my upper lash line for beautiful cat winged liner eyes.

2) MNY HyperCurl Mascara – I use it for my lash line to achieve well defined eyes & lashes. It works as a wonder and give beautiful definition to eyes. I use it with my Panache Eyelash Curler.

3) Eyebrow Pencil- It is very important to give a perfect shape to your eyebrows as it can make or break your look. so I use a eyebrow pencil in brownish black.  I am planning to buy  brow kit soon.. Plz do comment your suggestions for nice brow kit.


Eye Make-up essentials














4) For Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips– I don’t use lipsticks on daily basis so lip balms are my best friend in that case. I keep on changing my lip balm according to my mood, But baby lips are my favorite. .


MNY Baby lips- for lips














I hope you guys enjoy reading the post..

Thankyou & goodbye!!! 🙂 🙂


Disclaimer- 1. These are my honest views after using the product, I am not getting paid to write it.
2. The pictures used in the post cannot be used by anyone anywhere without my permission.

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