“Best Five” – Lip Balms

Hi Guys….!!! 🙂 :):)

I hope you guys must have a blast this weekend ;). I thoroughly enjoyed mine. Now coming the post, today I am going to start a new category (yiiieeppee 🙂 ) on my blog which is “Best Five” 😀 in which I’ll be posting my best five products like mascaras, lipsticks, lip balms, body lotions, shampoos and much more..  I hope you guys like it. So Let’s go ahead and get started.

So, today I have come up with my best five lip balms which I have used these winters. I face a problem of serious chapped lips in winters no matter what ever precautions I take to save my lips but nothing work for me. Lip balms are the must have for me no matter what I need a lip balm in my handbag.

So, here I go with my best five lip balms which I love & which have taken care of my chapped lips very well.


Best 5 Lip Balms










1. Maybelline Baby Lips( Fresh Coral)– This is a lip balm which is like muhhhhh!!!! I mean I love this particular lip balm so much. It is the most used lip balm from my lip balm kitty. It glides just like butter on lips; it’s not heavy or waxy and leave the lips soft and conditioned. Even the price is not on higher side, its just 150INR so anybody can afford it easily. I even use it when I wear coral shades on my lips as a base so that my lips look well moisturized.


Maybelline Baby Lips( Fresh Coral)













                                                                                                                                                                                      2. Nivea Lip balm( in Pink Guava) – This is the lip balm which I use quite often after my Maybelline lip balm this is descent lip balm which has nice smell, color and taste. Those who have used it must be agreed with my words. For those who have not used them yet I must tell you that they smells nice, give light tinted color to your lips and even taste good lolzzz (I have a bad  habit of licking my lipsticks and balms from lips which cause more dryness but what to do I can’t help it).

I use this particular shade (Pink Guava) with my pink lip colors. It gives a nice base for lipsticks. It has a desent price tag of Rs. 125/- and available in many other variants.


Nivea Lip balm( in Pink Guava)













3.) Maybelline Baby Lips Balm (Anti Oxidant Berry)– This is the another lip balm from the family of Maybelline but what to do I am obsessed with Maybelline products. Anyways coming to what I love about this lip balm is that it is not waxy on lips they are light weight and super affordable and condition my lips very well. It doesn’t have any color so this lip balm goes with all my nude lip colors. I love it totally. It is priced Rs. 100 INR which is the reason you can’t resist. It comes in another variant which is Mango Pie.


Maybelline Lips Balm (Anti Oxidant Berry)













   4.) Vaadi Herbal Blueberry Lip Balm (Active Bio- repair formula)– I am using this lip balm since nov. every night before sleeping and let me tell you it works like wonder. I have severally chapped lips during winter and then this product came to my life and my lips were visible cured. I apply it while going to bed and it repair your lips while you are sleeping. And look at color isn’t it very appealing, blue is a color which I find quite different so thought of giving a try and the best part is that it is dirt cheap just for 49 INR, isn’t it.



Vaadi Herbal Blueberry Lip Balm












5) VLCC Lip Balm (Cherry) – This is the last lip balm in my list. I had read my good reviews before buying it but it doesn’t work for me well. I mean it is a nice tinted lip balm which comes with a descent price tag but somehow it feels little heavy/waxy on my lips. Maybe it ‘ll work for me in summers let see. It is priced Rs. 49 INR. As the price is on lower side you guys can give it a try.


VLCC Lip Balm”Cherry”












You can buy all the above mentioned Lip balms except Vaadi Lip balm here @ Nykaa.com.

I even loved the Avon lip balms but I am not using them since long time so I doesn’t included them in the post but I am going to buy them as they are nice lip balm. Let me know if you want a review on it.

I hope you all enjoy read it 🙂 🙂

Share your thoughts with me via comments down below about your favorite lip balms.

Goodbye!!! & Take Care 🙂

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Disclaimer- 1. These are my honest views after using the product/s.
2. The pictures used in the post cannot be used by anyone anywhere without my permission.

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