Parachute Advansed Body Lotion Review: Butter Smooth

Hello all you lovely people!!!!!

I know I have been quiet irregular in posting but what to do I have to prepare for my exams too na :(…  Anyways today I am writing a review on Parachute Body lotion. As you know spring have come and my skin has started behaving weird, as the weather is changing, it has become so dry that is why I am using this particular moisturizer for my skin as it is not so oily but at the same time it is helping me in nourishing my skin.

Read the full review to know my experience and do comment about yours. 🙂


Parachute Body lotion













Product Information (Found online)

Parachute Advansed body lotion is the only moisturizer with 100% Natural Moisturizers and goodness of coconut milk that makes skin delightfully soft and smooth in just 7 days. Enriched with the goodness of coconut milk, it works in a superior manner to actually penetrate deep into skin and nourish it from within – leaving your skin feeling soft, glowing and supple, absolutely irresistible to touch!


Parachute Body lotion














My Take on Product 

I am currently facing a dry skin problem as the weather is change so I thought of giving a try to Parchute Body lotion. I was attracted to the bottle shape and the fragrance of this body lotion. I am liking it as it moisturize my skin very well and at the same time it doesn’t make my skin look oily. I am liking this lotion but I am not going to buy this body lotion at least for the time being but I will definitely try other body Lotions from this brand which are formed to be used in summers.

They are super affordable and are easily available. This one was the random purchase and I am loving it as it works on my dry/combination skin very well.


Parachute Body lotion















Price  –  INR 75/-

Quantity – 100 Ml

Shelf Life – Nearly 1.5 years

Other Size options also available












Ingredient List









Quick Swatch














Pros 🙂 🙂

  • Easy on pocket
  • Easily available
  • Good for moisturizing dry/chapped skin
  • Very gentle on skin
  • Smells good
  • Available in different sizes
  • Attractive bottle


Cons 😦 😦

  • Not for those who have oily skin as the texture is a bit thick.
  • Smell can be a problem for sensitive nose.


My Rating – 3.7/5


Parachute Body lotion













 Re-purchase–  No ,  I don’t think  that I will  buy it again, but I will definitely try there other variants in summer.  If you have a super dry skin you can give it a try.


 Have you tried Parachute Advanced Body lotion? Which is your favorite body lotion? Share your thoughts in the comments below!. 🙂 🙂


Good bye!!!! & Stay Beautiful…..


Disclaimer- 1. These are my honest views after using the product.
2. The pictures used in the post cannot be used by anyone anywhere without my permission.

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