NOTD- “Nail of the day” -#3

Hey!!!  Guys

So, Today its Saturday again and time to post the third  “NOTD” or Nail of the day post. I hope you guys enjoy reading & seeing it.. 🙂 🙂














                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I am a big fan of nail polish, I am obsessed with them. My friends think that I have a huge collection of nail paints but I think that I have very few. I think most of the gals who love nail polishes think the same way . Well coming to NOTD thing, read further to know what’s on my nail today… I love the have French manicure tips whether it’s the classic white one or the colored once I think they just add a delicateness to your look. That’s the reason I have come up with French manicure once again as I love it very much. So now I am going to tell you that how I have achieved the look..  I have used Elle 18 Color Pop Nail Paint in “48”, Maybelline Color Show Nail Colorin “Devil Wears Purple 012” for tips and then sealed it with clear top coat. I have done it free handed but you can use cello tape as a stencil for more clean finish

The formula of the nail paints i have used specially the Maybelline one  is fully opaque  in 2 coats and it dried quickly. The finish is flawless & smooth with no flakes.













Nail Polishes used-

  • Elle 18 Color pop Nail Polish “48” for base.
  • Maybelline Color Show Nail Color in “Devil Wears Purple 012” for tips
  • Elle 18 Nail Polish in “clear- 27” for top coat.

Elle18 Color Pop Nail Poloish “48”


Maybelline Color Show Nail Color


Elle18 Color Pop Nail Poloish “27”













Price – Elle18 Nail Paint = INR 50 (each)

Maybelline Color Show Nail Color= INR 75















          Tip– You can use tape as a stencil but be careful using tape or sticker as it can peel off the polish underneath it. You will need to wait for the polish to completely dry before using tape. Give the polish at least an hour to dry before attempting to use tape for a stencil.

 Hope you all enjoy reading.. 🙂 🙂

Goodbye!!! 🙂

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