NOTD- La Splash Nail Splash (Blowfish Purple)#2

Hey!!!  Happy Women’s Day to all lovely girls &  Women over there…

So, Today It is my second post in the category NOTD or Nail of the day. I hope you guys enjoy reading.. 🙂 🙂


Happy Women’s Day











La Splash Nail Splash (Blowfish Purple)


La Splash Nail Splash (Blowfish Purple)











I am a big time nail polish fan, I love coloring my nail .I’m quite enjoying this vibrant color on my nails at this very moment! Now coming to the color it is vibrant neon pink color though I am not a big fan of neon colors but this nail polish had come with my Fab Bag as one the product so I thought of giving it a try. I have used this particularly as a French manicure tip followed by a top coat with some sparkles & then plain top coat to seal it.


La Splash Nail Splash (Blowfish Purple)












The formula of the nail paint is fully opaque and neon in 2 coats and it dried pretty quickly within a minute. The finish is flawless & smooth with no flakes. It does not chip for 4-5 days  as I am wearing it since 4 days and my nail paint does not chip. The price of this particular nail paint is on higher side & I don’t like investing much in nail paint so I am not going to purchase any other color from this range.


Description & Shades











Quantity -10ML

Price- Rs 500











                                                                                      Tip– You can use tape as a stencil but be careful while using tape or sticker as it can peel off the polish underneath it. You will need to wait for the polish to completely dry before using tape. Give the polish at least an hour to dry before attempting to use tape for a stencil.


Hope you all enjoy reading.. 🙂 🙂

Goodbye & take care!!!

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Disclaimer- These are my honest views after using the product. I am not getting paid to write it.

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