NOTD- “Nail of the Day” # 1

Hey!!!  Happy new month to you all

So, Today I am going to start a new category on by blog which is NOTD or Nail of the day.

Maybelline- Color Show “Tenacious Teal 301”


Maybelline-Tenacious Teal











I am a big time nail polish fan, I mean I  just love coloring my nail and keep on change my nail polish like every other day so I thought why not to include my love and passion for Nail Enamel in my very own blog. I will be posting the NOTD when I like the nails and it worth sharing my nails with you guysI’m quite enjoying this vibrant color on my nails at this very moment!

& they are having like 40wonderful colors in their Color Show collection


Maybelline-Tenacious Teal


Maybelline-Tenacious TeaL









The formula of the nail paint is fully opaque and glossy in 2 coats and it dried pretty quickly. The shade is a kind of my favorite.  I have used a top coat to seal it. It just feel the green color which I used to  paint tree with, in drawings during my childhood so in that sense it reminds me of my childhood and most important it looks nice on my nail shape! The finish is flawless & smooth with no flakes.It does not chip for 4-5 days on my nails.


Maybelline-Tenacious Teal


Maybelline-Tenacious Teal








  • Easy to apply
  • Flat brush
  • Glossy finish
  • Chip resistant
  • Runway inspired colors

And let me tell you that it is the best nail polish for such a dirt cheap price like 75 bucks.

So go & get at least one for you too if in case you have not tried it yet. It worth a try


Hope you all enjoy reading..


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Disclaimer- These are my honest views after using the product. I am not getting paid to write it.



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